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I tell myself this a lot…


“Make big things small, and make small things big.” ☀️ I tell myself this a lot: Spend your time focusing on the small but important moments like a good conversation with friends, afternoon sunlight on your skin, a well timed “coincidence,” a good dinner after a long day…⁣

Make a big deal out of those moments. Savor and appreciate them. Awareness and gratitude will create more of them. ⁣

Likewise, making a big deal out of the big (read: intimidating, stressful, annoying) moments will only drive you nuts. Trust that you can handle what comes your way, and let it roll off your back. Don’t fixate, obsess, or manifest more of what’s difficult. ⁣

It’s not about being naive or minimizing the realities of real life. Quite the contrary. It’s about reframing, reprioritizing, and reclaiming what is working right now. ⁣

It’s an outlook that takes practice. Trust me, I get frustrated. I vent to my friends. I don’t always take this advice. But when I catch myself obsessing about the big stuff, I also notice that I’m completely taking for granted the small but often beautiful and important stuff as well. So I make a choice to turn that around, and each time it’s mental exercise, helping train my brain to see the good in every day. ⁣

It’s not always easy – but sometimes it is! – and it is always worth it. Life is so much better when you appreciate the good that’s all around you.

What’s a quote that helps give you peace of mind and perspective? Let me know in the comments!

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