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Crunchy Vegan Snack Mix

Crunchy Vegan Snack Mix

Crunchy, salty, savory, slightly spicy, and so fun to snack on! This semi-homemade snack recipe is the best way to elevate your store bought snack game in a matter of minutes!

This recipe is very customizable but the ratio is what’s important to remember. Here’s how to build the perfect crunchy snack mix:


One half of the mix should be a lightly salted snack like popcorn or pretzels. This will serve as the “base” if you will. I do a base of half popcorn and half pretzels, but any moderately salty snack will do here 😊


The next quarter should be made up of something hearty and pre-seasoned (the Paleo Savory Roasted Snack Mix from Thrive Market is my go-to. It’s a mix of whole roasted pecans and cashews with crunchy banana chips and it’s delicious in this recipe) If you don’t have this mix, add in plantain chips and your favorite combination of roasted nuts instead. Rosemary almonds or smokey cashews are great alternatives.


The final fourth should involve a bit of kick and since variety is the spice of life, I like to include two slightly spicy items instead of just one. My favorite combo is wasabi peas with some sweet and peppery mini rice cakes.

The slight sweetness from the Woodridge Sriracha Sticky Rice Cakes (pictured above) really rounds out the mix and makes it perfect (in my opinion) so opt for something similar if possible! BBQ chips would be a good non-spicy swap for this πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ³

You can play around with the ingredients until you find you favorites, but this is my current favorite combo and I honestly can’t get enough! It’s making it hard to want to do anything except snack on this while watching not-so-scary Halloween movies in my new Hocus Pocus sweatshirt!

In fact I think I’ll go do that now! Hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do!

x Nicole

Crunchy Vegan Snack Mix

Nicole Vranjican
A crunchy, salty, savory, sweet, and spicy assorted snack mix that I genuinely can't stop eating! Perfect for a cozy movie night paired with chilled white wine, or as salty midday snack.
Prep Time 8 minutes
Cook Time 0 minutes
Total Time 8 minutes
Course Appetizer, Snack
Cuisine American
Servings 12 cups


  • 3 cups popped popcorn lightly salted
  • 3 cups pretzels
  • 1.5 cups assorted roasted nuts such as rosemary almonds and spicy cashews
  • 1.5 cups plantain chips salted
  • 2 cups Woodridge Snacks Sriracha Sticky Rice Chips or spicy chips of choice
  • 1 cup wasabi peas vegan*


  • Combine in a very large mixing bowl and gently toss with tongs until evenly distributed. Serve as is or warm in a 350 degree oven for about 5 minutes then dig in!
    This snack pairs nicely with some cold sparkling water (mango or lime are my favorites!) or a crisp glass of chilled white wine. Enjoy!


Instead of roasted nuts and plantain chips, I used the Paleo Savory Roasted Snack Mix from Thrive Market and highly recommend it. I’m not Paleo, but this is simply a mix of savory roasted banana chips, pecans, and cashews, and its delicious! If you don’t have this on hand, use a handful or so of assorted roasted nuts and banana / plantain chips will work! Use what you have and like best!Β 
I got the Woodridge Snacks Sriracha Sticky Rice Chips from Target and oh man are they good! Airy and crunchy, with a bit of kick and the slightest touch of sweetness…you have to give them a try! So delicious and important in this recipe because they offer a nice contrast in texture and flavor. The slight sweetness really pairs well with the savory spices.Β 
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I’d love to check out your crunchy snack mix recreations, so tag me in a picture on Instagram so I can see!Β 
Happy snacking! 😊
x NicoleΒ 
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