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Vegan Toaster Quesadillas

Vegan Toaster Quesadillas

You might have see this trend circling Tik Tok or Pintrest and wondered “Is it really possible to make a quesadilla in the toaster?

Won’t the cheese get everywhere? Will the cheese even melt? Will it crisp up into a quesa-cracker instead of a crispy-on-the-outside-gooey-on-the-inside delight?

I had these questions too so I decided to give it a try and, well. I have some news:

  1. It ABOLSUTELY works and it’s kind of mind blowing. More on that in a bit.
  2. There are some things you need to know or the messy cheesy toaster and sad singed tortillas you’re imagining could become a reality. Never fear, this is EASY and super fun if you follow these tips.

Optional toppings

  • salsa
  • guacamole
  • vegan sour cream, nacho cheese, or my 3 Ingredient Cholula Crema (pictured above, recipe below)
  • cilantro
  • pickled jalapeños

Can I use a corn tortilla instead?

Not in this case! Corn tortillas will crack and spill the cheese into the toaster. If you want to use corn, make this on the stove or in a sandwich maker instead 😊

Does the size of the tortilla matter?

Yes, smaller tortillas won’t fit around the slice of cheese, causing the cheese to spill out and make a mess in your toaster.

The jumbo sized tortillas result in an unpleasant tortilla-to-cheese ratio, which I learned from this very helpful video.

What other kinds of vegan cheese melt well?

VioLife Mature Cheddar Slices is my go to because it melts and gets soooo gooey but also because it has the perfect amount of range and saltiness. So deliocus.

I love Follow Your Heart American Slices for quesadillas too. If you like a little kick, the Pepper Jack is delicious! And if you like sweet ‘n smokey combos, try making this with their Smoked Gouda Slices and drizzle some BBQ Sauce and a dollop of vegan sour cream on top! So good!

The Daiya Cheddar Slices is another great option, and their Farmhouse Cheddar Block is also great and melts really well but you’ll need to slice or shred it yourself.

Can I use shredded cheese instead?

Yes, but don’t get it too close to the top and be careful not too overfill it so that the quesadilla can’t fold into a neat envelope shape. The reason sliced cheese is handy is because it’s easy to fold flat.

If you are using shredded cheese, try shredding it from a block like the one mentioned above, because pre-shredded cheese doesn’t melt as well.

Can I add other things in like vegan turkey slices or a super thin layer of hummus or vegan nacho cheese?

Yes, but don’t over fill it…also, let me know what combos you come up with so I can try! One of my favs is one slice of Follow Your Heart Provolone + one slice of 365 Brand Vegan “Turkey” + a very thin slice of avocado inside topped with a zig zag of dijon mustard and a pickle top 😊

Start by softening up the tortilla by gently folding it in half. Focus on bending it instead of sharply creasing it or the tortilla will crack. Just bend it a little to loosen it up for now.

Then unfold, and repeat with the left and right sides. Fold the right 1/3 of the tortilla into the center. Bend and release, then repeat on the left.

Then place exactly one and half slices of cheese, stacked on top of each other, in the center above the first fold line.

Then fold in the sides so it looks like an envelope. Now you can press the edges together to make sure it’s flat and and the cheese is nice secure inside.

Toast on medium heat for one round, then carefully remove, rotate 180 degrees, and toast one more time to make sure the cheese melts.

Carefully remove the quesadilla from the toaster, top with your desired toppings, and cut into wedges for serving.

The cheese will be hot and melty, so let it cool a little before slicing.


  1. If the edge of the tortilla gets stuck in the grate, UNPLUG the toaster, then use a non-metal utensil to gently wedge it free.
  2. If any cheese does seep out…this didn’t happen when I made these and I made A LOT…but if it does, unplug the toaster and allow it to cool completely before cleaning.


Spoon the yogurt into a small bowl and add in 2-3 drops of Cholula and a pinch of salt. Mix well, then taste and continue adding more hot sauce, a little at a time, as desired until you create the perfect level of spiciness for you 👌

Remember, with spice, salt, and sweetness, it’s always easier to add more than it is to take it away if you put too much in. So gradually add a little more hot sauce and a little more salt until it’s how you like it 😊

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